Let’s Loop Utah

How can your business reach people who don’t hear well?

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FACT: 20% of our population has hearing loss and find it hard to interact in public settings.

You can help! Install a Hearing Loop to help them understand you and your employees much better.

Loop Utah is dedicated to bringing awareness to hearing loss by educating our community about the value of Hearing Loops. Hearing Loops provide an excellent way for those with hearing loss to have a more complete experience when visiting public venues. Many of these people no longer enjoy being in public settings because of their inability to understand what is being said. When they stop going out, we lose their participation in our communities; Loop Utah wants to change that. At some point, all of us are going to be touched by hearing loss, whether it is that of a loved one or our own. It is important to be aware that it doesn’t have to change who we are or what we love doing. Let’s make a difference, one loop at a time!  Please consider donating to our cause.